There are numerous web 2.0 tools that are not only fun for the students to use but also quite handy for teachers as well!
This page is dedicated to keeping you up to date with the latest and greatest web tools out there and for offering some
tricks and tips to make use of them. Excellent resource with both formative and summative assessment rubrics focused on students' use of internet web 2.0 tools as well as subject-specific rubrics.

Looking for new ways of integrating technology? Get inspired at Ideas to inspire

Voki - an avatar that can be embedded into blogs, wikis, facebook, twitter and websites. There are plenty of ways in which these avatars can be utilized in the classroom.
I created both of these vokis by recording myself using Audacity first, altering the pitch and tempo of the voice recording, saving the audacity as an MP3 file, then finally uploading it into the Voki site. There is an option for recording yourself on the actual Voki site as well and you are able to select certain voices with different accents and languages.
Voki now has a blog entitled "Voki for Education" in which they offer many suggestions for making use of Voki in your classroom.

Glogster- for creating multimedia posters. Various educational examples can be viewed on the Glogster site.
A great way to differentiate and allow students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge while also expressing their creativity!

Tagxedo - " Tag cloud with styles" is their motto.

Check out the artistic examples at: 101 ways to use tagxedo

Wordle - Word clouds
A gallery of examples is available at

My son created this example. It's like an "All about Me poster"
(The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text)

Jing -
A site that offers free software that you can download and use to capture what is on your screen. You can also use it to make short video
tutorials as it has a voice recording feature. I use Jing regularly to create student handouts.

Map maker on BIG HUGE LABS - showing off where you've been or where you are going....

Pop Art poster also created on Big Huge Labs - an awesome site if you are yearning to use your creativity!


Voicethread - Endless possibilities for student connections and collaborations. From digital storytelling to podcasting to opinions about local or global issues,
Voicethread is a wonderful web tool that allows you to record and express your thoughts.

This voicethread shows how you can integrate web 2.0 into your math curriculum:

Prezi - A presentation tool that can be used by teachers or students.
Great for reports, digital stories, recounts, procedural and more!
Check out the Prezi site for more ideas ...