I was inspired to create a class blog when I saw the amazing opportunities for students to be fully engaged in their learning and excited to participate in collaborative projects with other students around the world. The classroom blogs that inspired me were Mrs. Yollis' class blog and Mrs. Watson's class blog. Classroom blogging gives students a chance to reflect on day to day learning as we revisit lessons taught through videos, slideshows and digital images posted on the blog. Classroom blogging can also give parents regular opportunities to participate in their child's learning through viewing and commenting on the weekly posts.

Literacy connections....
Blogging in the classroom can offer countless opportunities to improve reading and writing skills.

Weekly posts can be read together as a class and used to model the various reading strategies.

Different forms of writing can also be discussed as the posts can be written as recounts, procedures, explanations, etc.

Our weekly posts give us a chance to learn from each other as students read each others work:


Math connections...

Using our "Clustr Map" we practise Number Sense and Place Value:


Social Studies connections and Global Collaboration:


Even our "Widgets"...the side gadgets give us authentic learning opportunities:


The following site contains a video that explains blogging in "kid-friendly" terms -a great way to introduce the idea to your class!

http://www.brainpopjr.com/artsandtechnology/technology/blogs/preview.weml NB. To see the video you can opt for the free trial or Subscribe to Brain-Pop.

A whole class blog is a wonderful way to showcase student work and achievements.
I look forward to sharing our class work with parents, friends and classrooms
around the world!

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Other considerations....

Parent permissions: It's important to make parents aware prior to taking photos of students or posting
student work online. Before introducing the blog to the class send home a letter to parents explaining the
purpose of your blog and have them complete a permission form if you intend to use photos and videos.

Privacy settings: It's possible to create a blog to which only you and the parents have access.
Otherwise your blog will be visible to all on the internet.

Commenting features: You can moderate comments before they are posted on your blog.