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This wiki was created to help educators develop purposeful ways of integrating technology into the 21st century classroom.
Finding resources can be time consuming and frustrating. This website will hopefully assist teachers in finding useful information
as well as practical ways of embracing technology! Please know that this wiki will continually be a work in progress as I find new
resources and may this website be a valuable tool for all educators to stay informed about our ever changing digital world.



Becoming a 21st century educator is no small task. In fact I am often overwhelmed by the constant change and demands to do more in less time. My favourite professional development is sharing ideas with my friends (wine glass in hand) that are also teachers. They understand the stress and we often take turns giving advice or offering tricks that have worked in our own classrooms. The great news out there for all teachers is that the latest and greatest way to make connections and collaborate with other teachers is on Twitter. Since creating an account on Twitter I have found many other teachers that share the same desire to create a classroom environment that promotes authentic, real-world projects and encourages students to develop critical thinking skills.
For those of you that might be new to social media as I was, you might find the following Common Craft video tutorial helpful:
Twitter tutorial
You can find me on twitter by my username: mmesek

Websites that share great resources and information about 21st century education...excellent for ongoing professional development:

Integrating technology in the primary classroom Blog



Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts - in Google Books


Web 2.0 - New tools, new schools - Google Books

Cool Websites

21st Century Schools Within this website they share curriculum units that focus on real world issues. One such example: Candy thematic unit ppt

Captivating classroom An interesting article - great food for thought!

Curriki To search for curriculum resources K-12

Thinkfinity They offer thousands of free lesson plans and resources

My favourite website regarding technology integration is http://askatechteacher.wordpress.com/
I visit this site frequently and I always come away with new ideas and helpful information.